One Idea Can Change Your Life Forever


How much longer will you keep begging for jobs?


I don't know your dreams...but I know you have them!


Your Dreams Inspire And Give You Strength
But You Will Never Know If You Are Strong Enough To Live Your Dreams
Unless You Try!


Online Chama holds u by the hand and guides u through the roadblocks to achieve your Goals and become a member of the elite 2%.
We have put together a Set of E-Books that teach you about Money.
We Empower You To Empower Others by Using A System that Pays You an Affiliate Commission as You Rank Higher in the Group

How You Will Earn

    Every member is guaranteed a free spin daily where you can spin and earn upto Ksh 2000 per day
    Earn up to 3 levels
    Level 1-300(A)
    Level 2-100(B)
    Level 3-50(C)
    An example,you invite 10 persons(A),you earn 10x300=3K
    The 10 persons(A),each invite let's say 10 persons(B) you earn 100 per head.That is 10 x 10 x 100=10K
    The 100 persons(B) invited invite 10 persons(C) each,you earn 50 per head.That is 100 x 10 x 50=50K

    So in as low as 10 direct referrals and Ksh 600 ,you can earn up to 63K

DON’T Be Left Behind

  • Here as people download the learning books and materials you get paid
    Even without Referring you will get paid by just answering some easy questions
    Withdrawals are instant and direct to MPESA with no transaction cost
  • There are weekly bonuses to our active members
  • Let's create our financial freedom together.


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Once the account has been created, a user will be logged in automatically, showing a red button on the dashboard "GET STARTED". Click the red button and select level. A payment popup that allows for M-PESA and International payments will show. Selecting M-PESA, a user will have to check his phone for a prompt which will require him to confirm the activation process by giving out Ksh.600/= . Once the purchase is done, the account will be validated automatically allowing the refferal link & download link of the resources to be available. Please use the refferal link to invite others to the business for more sales hence lifting you up.